Divorce Concerns

How to Prepare for a Divorce

Posted By on May 24, 2018

When you are considering a divorce, it can be a very emotional time in your life. Filing for a divorce in Georgia is a difficult decision to make, and it can expose a lot of emotions. Whether the decision was quickly made after a spouse crossed a red line in the relationship or the decision was developed over the course of months or years of misery, divorce lawyers usually understand that the person you married is not the person you divorce.

To get the best results from your divorce attorneys, it’s important that they have a clear understanding of your financial situation, and you want to be sure to discuss any potential short-term and long-term goals you might have. If you are planning on meeting with a dedicated team of attorneys, here are a few things to consider before your consultation:

  1. Shared assets – Marital property is anything that was attained during the marriage. There are lots of things that can be considered the couple’s property and can include homes, vehicles, jewelry, furniture, and much more. Georgia is a common law property state, which means that if a spouse purchases property in their name, it is likely that they will retain ownership after the divorce. If both names are on the property’s deed, such as a mortgage, then both parties have a one-half interest in ownership.
  2. Child support – If you and your former spouse have children, then you will both be obligated to provide for their financial needs until they are legally emancipated. The court gives this right to the child, not the parent who receives the child support. If an agreement cannot be reached between the two parties, then it may be the court’s decision to ultimately determine how much money each parent is required to contribute.
  3. Alimony – When a former partner is required to provide spousal support, a lot depends on the state in which the judge presides. Alimony is a quickly evolving and controversial area of law that the courts will need time to consider. Before spousal support is mandated, the courts will reflect on how long the marriage lasted, how old the spouses are, their emotional and physical health, their relative standard of living, education levels, amongst other things.
  4. Custody of the Children – Child custody is one of the strongest points of contention during the divorce process. If the parents are to be equally involved in the child’s upbringing, the judge will assign joint legal custody to one parent. That essentially gives both parents equal rights to make major decisions about the child’s future, but it gives only one parent the final decision-making privilege for certain aspects of the child’s life, such as their religion, education, medical, and extracurricular activities.
  5. Documents – Bring evidence and documentation of anything that may affect the topics mentioned above. You will need to work closely with your divorce attorney, and they will need all the information you can provide to do their best.
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Child Custody After a Divorce

Posted By on Nov 1, 2015

Undoubtedly, divorce isn’t something that a lot of people say they enjoy going through. It is an occasion and financially consuming procedure that can take its cost to the psychological and psychological wellness of both events. When youngsters are participating, this seems to double up. Concerns including child support and infant custody ought to be ironed out correctly to avoid problems that were future.

There are many techniques custody and kid visitation may become complex, and as a child custody attorney may point out, mental complications could get in the manner of appropriately creating a superb child custody and arrangement. Finding help from people who understand how the problem works and specialists who can give impartial legal help can tremendously assist in deciding child custody and visitation.

Typically, the settlement for child-custody is prompted by the courtroom to become satisfied within the family: this means the family has got on what they want to work these things out, the entire selection. Achieving this will allow both parents bargain to agendas and other problems that need to be cleared minus the support of the judge and to recognize. Simply do both parents reach an agreement and built a good determination can they be capable of providing their agreement, where the judge might consider and see if changes are before acknowledging the agreement essential.

Enforcing the decided visitation and custody is important since it can be a responsibility. Everyone who disobeys the courtroom- visitation deal and granted custody fined or certified and may be placed in disregard of court. So that you can possess the agreement revised such as going to another express or lack of work certain conditions should be documented instantly. This also permits both parents to maintain and training their directly to be in youngsters lifestyle or their child. Separating from your own spouse has already been tough enough since it is, and it generates the problem much more complex when kids may take place.

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