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Personal Injury: Product Liability

Posted By on Sep 1, 2014

Every year thousands of lawsuits against manufacturers of defective products are filed by consumers in US courts due to the harm or injury that arise from these products’ defect. Through an article posted on its website, Ravid & Associates, P.C., plainly explains consumers’ attitude of not being meticulous with regard to checking products’ safety. This is primarily based on consumers’ trust that since these products were approved for distribution and/or consumption, then these are totally safe.

Product safety isn’t always guaranteed as there have been many instances when a product has been proven to have defects or contain elements that can serve as potential cause of life-altering or life-threatening injuries. And it could be any type of manufactured good, such as a toy, an electronic gadget, a safety gadget for children, food, prescription drug, a medical device, a motor vehicle, and so forth. Regardless of the type, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers are mandated by the law to make sure that their products are safe and that they should accept liability if their product ends up causing injury or harm to someone.

Ensuring product safety is the task of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Besides making sure that the goods that consumers purchase are neither dangerous nor defective, the bureau is also tasked to:

  • Put a stop to unjust, deceptive and fraudulent business practices by accepting and investigating consumer complaints on product defects
  • Educate business firms and individuals on their duties, responsibilities and rights as consumers
  • Formulate and enforce fair marketplace rules
  • Make sure that manufacturers do not place deceptive and misleading labels
  • File suits against companies or individuals who violate consumer rights or offer defective products.

With regard to the legal duty of manufacturers, they should: see to it that their products’ labels accurately identify the product’s ingredients; never make claims (on what their products can do) if these have not been scientifically proven; and, include all necessary instructions or warnings connected with product use.

If, despite the requirements of the law, a product is still found to cause (or believed to be the cause of) an injury, then it is best to contact a Madison personal injury lawyer immediately. While some injuries may prove hard to cure or may no longer be altered, filing a lawsuit against the product’s manufacturer would be a legal right of the victim; it can also, possibly, stop the product from harming others in the future. A Madison personal injury lawyer can also help the victim seek and receive compensation from the manufacturer for all the (present and future) damages the injury would cause him/her.

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